My favorite photograph is the next one

The Fine Art of Portraiture


I try to photograph people’s spirits…
the sitter and I give to each other. 
It becomes an act of mutual participation.

Yousef Karsh

Have you ever looked at a photograph of grandma when she was a little girl, and tried to imagine that once, she too was young? A portrait, whether it is a bridal, family, child, or high school senior session is a moment when that person becomes anchored in eternity. No matter how many years pass, no matter what they go on to become, for that sixtieth of a second they are immortalized in time.

With every portrait session I shoot it is an exchange between the subject and myself. I look for a part of their personality, their soul, that which is precious, and preserve it for a lifetime. Few people, other than photographers or painters, could ever say that their work will last for generations. Few things are as impactful as a portrait handed down from generation to generation.

My portrait sessions are either shot in a studio set up or on location. Location sessions are dependent on the season and time of day when I have that gorgeous light that permeates my work. I usually spend about an hour or two with a subject, exploring classically posed and totally candid images. While I’ve tried to keep pricing uniform there are some variances; someone needing a professional headshot for social media, has a different need to time and product than a family or pet portraits. Contact me and I’ll be glad to share what your session fee and investment will be.