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Limited Edition Sessions

Limited Edition Sessions are monthly or seasonal special events

Halloween Sessions

Halloween is my favorite time of year. As a kid I loved getting dressed up and pretending to be someone, something else. It's the time of year when we encourage our children to imagine, "Who would you like to be?"

Sessions are approximately 30 minutes, and 1-2 costume changes. The creation fee is $150 and will be credited towards your collection. Limited Edition prices and packages apply.




Angels Amongst Us

For several years we did this as a special event at the studio, and I think now would be a good opportunity to bring it back. The session is geared for children from about 6 months to 2 years in age. Six months, so they can sit up by themselves for the 1/125 of a second to capture an exposure.  And up to two years because I have white gowns that would fit a child that age. The concept here is very neoclassic, with a gorgeous tapestry, gold elements in the harp, horn, wand, and bowl. And add Rembrandt lighting and you have a family heirloom as well as a work of art.

The session should take between 15-30 minutes, and sessions will be booked around that schedule. Please only one child per session. The creation fee is $150 and will be credited towards your collection. I'll be booking these sessions for the week after Thanksgiving to ensure that we can have artwork back for you to use as Christmas presents.