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Some Days, and People, You Never Forget


There are some days, and some people, you never forget. On Friday, August 8th, 2008, I shot a wedding. In the first twelve years of the new millennium shooting a wedding where the month, date, and year were the same was pretty common; and a great way to remember your anniversary!

At this particular reception I ran into an old friend and DJ, Stan Glaser. During the reception he kept playing these great songs from the sixties – rock and roll and motown – and we started singing along to the tunes. He mentioned that he wished he was in a band again playing this kind of music, and it just so happened that I was trying to get musicians together for the same purpose.

And thus Stone Gerald was born. We stayed together for about a year playing Allman Brothers, Wilson Pickett, Three Dog Night, etc. And then we parted, and started two new bands. He’s now the owner of  Stan’s Firehouse Grill, where the motif is dedicated to those who serve our community in the Fire and Police departments, and where, on the weekends, you can still hear great music being played live.

8-8-8 it’s a date I’ll always remember fondly.

(check out Stan’s place here:

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