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Photography Classes

I started my career in photography in 1984, and I’ve been teaching and mentoring photographers since the nineties. Our classes at the studio were always filled to capacity. Now I’m offering two choices for photographers: one is personalized one-to-one mentoring on an hourly basis, and based on what you want to learn. The other option are my small classes; these are for 6-8 sessions (depends on field trips) where I go over camera basics – what your shutter speed, aperture, ISO do, and how they affect your work. How do different length lens impact your image?  Basic posing and lighting, both in a studio setup and environmentally. Light – what it does, its quality and integrity, and how to “see” it, find it. We’ll usually do a field trip to the Chrysler and look at photographs, discuss them and what was the artist’s intent. If it can be coordinated we might even shoot some film and visit a local photographer who sells, develops, prints film and see what an old fashioned darkroom looks like.

Contact for individual lessons. The first class is scheduled for February and will either start on Saturday the 16th or the following Saturday on the 23rd depending on my shooting schedule, and what works best for the class as I expect some students will be shooting for themselves on weekends. The class will be limited to 8-10 people and is $150 per student. If everyone would like to explore film for a class there will be additional fees to cover that.

The deadline for signing up for the February class is January 31st. Please use the contact form to connect, and I’ll send you some more info and a questionnaire.

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