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Let’s Get Married



 Over the years I’ve shot hundreds of weddings, possibly a thousand, and I have listened and learned from my brides. Their input has helped shaped my approach to coverage. My style of photography combines fine art, portraiture, and photojournalism . My mission is to take a few moments of your day and create memorable portraits that your grandchildren will cherish, to make sure all those “could you get a picture of my family” shots are covered, and to quietly cover those moments when you are overtaken by the emotions of the day, but never to be intrusive or overbearing. The nicest compliment I can receive is for you to say, “How’d you get that shot? I never knew you were there!” After all, this is your day.

And let me not forget humor and love. I have a great sense of humor and love to capture laughter that sneaks up unbidden, and those times when you are so overcome by joy that you weep like a child, ruining all that perfect makeup. These are the moments when the veil of heaven is parted, and the angels rejoice.

Wedding coverage is different from any other assignment I accept. If you’d like to explore this with me, contact me and we’ll talk. I don’t really have a “written in stone” price list as I try to be very flexible in creating your coverage. But I won’t take on a wedding without having personally met with you. It is important for me, and moreso for you, that we are a good match, that you like my style, my approach, and my personality. Next to your beloved, and your parents, I’ll be the third most important person in your life that day. I want your day to be exceptional. That is the most important thing to me – I already know your photographs will be wonderful.

Basic coverage, for four hours, begins at $1500. The average couple invests around $3500 into this part of their event. When we meet, I’ll go over pricing in detail and answer all those questions you have.


Putting together a gallery of wedding samples was, well…daunting. At one point I had it edited down to only 457 images. Only. hahahahaha

So, for brevity’s sake I’ve selected work from numerous weddings that show a special moment, or a special technique. Like this sample – it was challenging to light and create, and oh so much fun to shoot!