My favorite photograph is the next one

La Familia

If you visit my home you will see portraits of my family everywhere. My wife’s parents when they were newlyweds and he was fighting in the South Pacific theater during the Second World War. Our children as infants, and then as young adults. Me when I was a single parent, with my son Wesley. Lydia and I when we were engaged. Lydia’s bridal portrait. The story of our family is written in photographs, and told on our walls and coffee table books, and countless scrapbook albums.

I believe that family is important, it may be the most important thing we are ever a part of in our lives. Many of my clients have felt that way also.



I love the images that Michael captured for my family and I’m proud to display them in my home. Clearly Michael is a classically trained photographer and he leverages the tools in the camera to create beautiful images Michael Wade is one of the best in the area.



Michael Wade is wonderful photographer. He did a family photo shoot for my two teens and I. Michael captured not only great posed photos of us, but he also captured photos of the three of us playing around. It’s wonderful to have professional photos that truly capture us the way we are with each other. I will always treasure the photos he took for us and the memories we made that day. 




Michael is an incredible photographer, colleague and friend. He has worked with my family on multiple shoots. He is professional and patient. I have 2 wild boys and he was able to keep them engaged and capture the best of them in the photos. I will use him in the future and have zero doubt they will be beautiful pictures. Mike has the experience and personality and does great work to boot!




I have known Mike Wade for almost 20 years. He shot my engagement, bridal, and wedding photos. I was so impressed with his artistic ability and poignant photographs that I continued to use him for baby photos, family shots, and most recently my oldest son’s senior portraits. But Mike is more than just a talented and professional photographer. He has become like part of our family! He is a patient, fun-loving person with a quick wit and great sense of humor. I highly recommend Wade Studios to anyone looking to capture those special moments in life. A photo session with Mike is an enjoyable, creative experience you will never forget. Mike is a true artist and master of photography as well as a great person to spend time with!




Thanksgiving and Family Photographs



Our relationship with Michael Wade started almost 20 years ago when he took pictures of our son (then two years old) on a local beach. Michael was great with our son, following him all over the beach and even putting his handkerchief on his head to encourage our son to look at the camera.  The resulting photographs were great and are still some of our favorites.  So, when we decided to do an annual family photograph, we immediately thought of Michael. 


Each year we host Thanksgiving at our house and this seemed like a good time for a photograph because it is the one time when almost everyone (now almost 30 people) gets together.  Friday morning after Thanksgiving has become a nearly 20-year standing appointment with Michael. One of the first questions each year is, when is ‘picture time’?  The children, now mostly adults, arrange their travel and time off from jobs to make sure they are present on Friday morning.   


Over the years, Michael has handled crying babies, fighting cousins, dogs, cats chasing dogs (yes, the animals are part of the family), and general chaos as part of setting up the family photograph.  He has done this with good humor and managed to provide a lovely family photograph each year.  More importantly, the nearly 20 years of pictures provide wonderful memories of how our family has grown and changed as babies were born, marriages occurred, and significant others came and went.  He also does pictures of individual families, the cousins, and the children with their grandmother who is now 93 years old.  Again, the memories these provide are priceless. 


One year, I noticed Michael in the kitchen pouring a cup of coffee while talking to my brother, and realized that he had developed a rapport with my family and that he is much more than ‘the person taking the picture’.  Last year, Michael spent considerable time with one of our nieces (a budding photographer) teaching her how to use her new camera and how to set up photos. Our Thanksgiving would be much less without Michael. We are looking forward to seeing him this year and many more years.