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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How much is this gonna cost?

The most common question every photographer is asked is, “How much do you charge?” There is a detailed PDF I give clients when we meet that I go over with them to make sure we’re all on the same page. Essentially Portraits – whether they be just you, your kids, your family, your pets – all have a session fee; and then you purchase prints.

Every assignment has a session fee based on the amount of time needed for the initial creation, the challenges I must work with, and the amount of time and work involved after the session to create a piece of art. With the exception of special events, corporate events, and Professional Head Shots, where I am essentially work for hire, you will have a creation, or session fee, and then the opportunity to invest in printed portraits. With your printed portraits you will receive a digital media file for use in your social media.

Currently, I do not sell digital negatives. I am in the process of reviewing that policy; I may add them as add -ons to certain sales. I don’t want to work as hard as I do, to bring four decades of experience and talent, to an assignment and then have a department store clerk have the final say on my work.

Believe me – if you’re a blonde and Bob’s Bait, Tackle, and Foto Emporium prints an 8×10 where you have green hair, no one will ever ask you, “Who printed this gosh awful thing?”

No they’ll ask, “Who was your photographer?”

What’s your process?

Process might sound like a strange way to phrase the steps to having a portrait created, but the word means “a series of actions or steps taken in order to achieve a particular end.” Ansel Adams called it pre-visualization; Stephen Covey “seeing the end from the beginning.” That’s how I like to work with clients – towards a defined goal.

My process is composed of four steps: initial consultation, the session, the reveal, the delivery.

First step – initial consultation and booking.

I like to meet with you prior to the session. We’ll discuss what it is you want me to achieve for you; and that will impact where we do this – studio or location? If it’s a location then the light dictates when we do the session – when you look at my environmental portraits the first thing you’ll notice is the quality of the light; gorgeous light makes for gorgeous portraits. We’ll talk about clothing, and how it can impact the results.

You’ll want to know what sizes and packages are available so we’ll go over the pricing PDF. If everything looks good, we’ll select the date for the session. At that time the session fee is due – it reserves your time so that someone else can’t book that date.

I don’t want you to commit to a session until you have an idea of fees involved, how we’ll work together, and you’re absolutely excited about starting the process!

The session itself

I typically block out a two hour period of time for your session. I’m not concerned with how many people are involved – I don’t charge by the number of subjects.  Two hours is usually more than we need in studio or a location. For high school seniors we’ll usually do two locations, so they’ll get a bit more time.

I do ask and require that there are no cameras or cellphones during the session. They’re distractions and take away from the time that you’ve paid for and the work I want to produce for you.

How long and how do we see?

I ask for about 7-10 business days to edit the work down to what I think will best represent you and my work for you. Nobody needs to see blinks, crossed eyes, or outtakes. Unless they’re really funny.

Consider this – the Beatles recorded their tracks for Sergeant Pepper first, and then they edited them to the masterpieces we’ve loved for 50 years. Give me some time to create a masterpiece for you that’ll endure for decades.

When the work is ready we’ll meet and I’ll show you the work and suggestions for how to display them in your home. At this time final payment is due in full. Delivery times vary depending on the artwork and framing but generally you should have portraits hanging in your home in 2 weeks.