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Don’t Live in an Art Vacuum


Artists, like any other business person, can tend to live in “their own little world.” You know the type – the photographer who can only talk about cameras, the financial planner who asks you about your investments in the first five minutes of a conversation, the make up lady who immediately asks what season you are. Broaden your worldview; and one easy way to do that is to visit your local museum.

We’re fortunate in Hampton Roads to have the Chrysler as part of our culture. Back around 1982 several of my photographs were exhibited there, and I shot the entire glass collection for Nancy Merrill and Gary Baker over a two year period from about 1984-1986. I think is was in 1984 that I shot the artwork for the “Hampton Roads Collects” exhibit that was curated by Tom Sokolowski. And over the years I’ve covered dozens of wedding events held in the Huber Gallery.

Currently there is a fascinating exhibit by artist Vik Muniz, titled “Photography and the Rebirth of Wonder.” And with all the rain we’ve been getting a day at the museum might be the perfect escape.

The exhibit is on display until October 14, 2018. This link will take you a page with more information.




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