My favorite photograph is the next one


Don’t Live in an Art Vacuum

  Artists, like any other business person, can tend to live in “their own little world.” You know the type – the photographer who can only talk about cameras, the financial planner who asks you […]

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I Don’t Care How Hot It Is

  I was going through old film files and came across this image, taken I believe by my friend and assistant, Rick Millis. It was around 1997, the “dog days” of August, and I seem […]

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The Tableaux and Modern Photographers

    What do all these images have in common? Here’s a clue – it was a very popular style of photography in the 19th century that was based on popular paintings, and it is […]

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What to do with all those costumes?

  During the nineties my studios was the “Anne Geddes” studio in Hampton Roads. Flower pot babies, angels, fairies, mermaids – all those creative, trendy and fun things we were doing with kids helped me […]

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Do More Give More

  Give more than expected, do more than you’re paid for. This wedding was pretty much over, and my time that I was paid for had already ended, when I saw this opportunity to do […]

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Finding a Photography Mentor

(Photo by RAWPIXEL)     How to find a mentor is a frequent question posted on social media sites. Here’s some advice on how to do that. First – don’t waste your, or their, time. […]

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Bernice Abbott

July 17th is the birthday of American photographer Bernice Abbott, born in Springfield, Ohio in 1898. In the years between the First and Second World Wars she became famous for her portraits of cultural figures […]

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Insurance – what does it have to do with photography?

(Photo by Jennifer Trovato)     On a FB page where we focus on sales – selling prints face to face – the question about insurance came up. Here is my advice for the self […]

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William Eggleston

  William Eggleston is an American photographer born on July 27, 1939, in Memphis, Tennessee, and raised in Sumner, Mississippi. His contribution to the art of photography is the acceptance of color in photographs, and […]

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Elliott Erwitt

  Elliott Erwitt was born July 26th 1928 in Paris, Île-de-France, France, and “is an advertising and documentary photographer known for his black and white candid shots of ironic and absurd situations within everyday settings— […]

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