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About Michael


A Brief History

I became involved with photography in 1976. In 1982 I had an exhibit of my personal work – landscapes and portraits of punk rockers – at the Chrysler Museum and local galleries.

Wade Studios began in 1984 with commercial assignments for the Chrysler, Virginia Opera, WTKR, Tidewater Virginian and Commonwealth magazines, and numerous ad agencies in Hampton Roads. Around 1988 the focus shifted from commercial to a more interpersonal one. During the nineties the business grew to two studios (Virginia Beach & Chesapeake) and expanded almost entirely into weddings, high school seniors, families, and children’s portraiture.

Today my emphasis in photography is divided between teaching and mentoring new photographers, shooting a few select weddings, stylized portraits, and the Reenactor Project.

Teaching & Mentoring

Classes – Group & Personal

I’ve lectured at Regent University, Picture This!, the Hampton Roads Digital Shutter Bugs, among other groups. I’ve taught a few workshops on lighting for portraiture. And I have several photographers that I’m helping from people who simply want to learn how to use their camera better, to entrepreneurs wanting to start a career in photography.

If you’d be interested in having me speak to your group, host or attend a workshop, learn camera basics, contact me for availability and rates.

If you’re getting ready to begin a career in photography, and need some help from someone who has a background in photography as a career, and has a securities license, and worked for the last four years with a Fortune 100 company helping entrepreneurs and small business owners reach out – let’s have coffee and chat.



The Reenactor Project

The project began in 2016 when Nathan Richardson, a friend and fellow writer, asked me to create a portrait of his reenactment of Frederick Douglass. Considering the era in which Douglass lived, and the work that Victory Will did at the 2015 Sundance Film Festival using a tintype approach for her portraits of celebrities,  I decided that we’d try to replicate that look in some of the work.

Shortly after that session I was able to work with a group of Medieval and Renaissance reenactors. Since the project began I’ve worked with 11th century vikings, Templar knights from the 12th century, 14th century Germanic mercenaries, Mongolian scribes, rug merchants, barons and baronesses, Colonial soldiers from France, Great Britain, and the colonies, a young Confederate soldier, soldiers representing the New Soviet Man, Germans from the Third Reich, American doughboys and sailors from WWII, as well as Canadian and English members of the Allies.

It’s been quite fun, educational, and it’s only just beginning.



Next Steps…

If you’d like to discuss a session, learn more about one on one mentoring or professional mentoring, future classes, or have me speak to your group, then email me at or call me at 757.961.6619

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